Just Another Monday

Wow. It’s not even 11pm and I am so ready for bed. Today just drained me!

It started out with a lovely summer breakfast.001

Fat Free Brown Cow Plain yogurt mixed with flax and almond butter and topped with 1/2 banana, handful of blueberries, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, and some golden raisins. Yeah sorry these bowls get boring, but they don’t bore my mouth!

There was no lab today, so we got out of lecture without a pre-workout snack, and headed straight to the gym. 35 minutes interval elliptical later, I was drenched in sweat and ready for some refueling. Yeah I decided to elliptical today since my right knee has been acting funny lately. =/ Normally foam rolling it fixes the problem, but lately I can still notice the tightness. The elliptical wasn’t too bad and at least I worked up quiet a sweat!


I settled out on the patio at Starbucks and enjoyed my Tall Mocha Coconut Lite Frappe. It was decent, but I won’t be getting another for awhile. =/ Just doesn’t really give me my coffee fix enough.


A while later, while I continued to work on my chem homework, I chowed down on my packed lunch of steamed collard greens w/maple and asparagus & potato salad on top of a bed of spinach. Both dishes were delicious and I was super glad I was getting in a lot of greens.

Around 3 when my homework was done, I headed home hungry. 002

Pirate’s Booty sounded just right so I opened my last bag and had 1 serving (1 oz!). Yum!


I then realized I wanted something sweet so I had this tiny little end of Great Harvest Bread: Breakfast Blast with a smear of White Chocolate Wonderful. It was perfect. I then worked on studying for my 3rd chemistry exam coming this Wednesday.


Since it was D&D night, I packed up a spinach salad topped with 3 bean salad my dad made and headed over for a night of shenanigans.


I ate the salad with 2 slices of Papa John’s pizza w/pineapple. I don’t normally like Papa John’s nor do I normally like regular crust but it was actually quiet tasty and kept me satisfied for many hours.

Sorry for the crappy cellphone photo! I forgot my camera >.< Also ignore the terrible backdrop…


For dessert I got in my daily apple! (reused photo).

Tomorrow doesn’t look to be very exciting. I basically am cutting myself off from all means of distraction including no Facebook or blogs or books! I am just going to study study study. Only thing I’m allowed to do other than study is post my daily post. Wish me luck! I HAVE to do better on this exam than the last one.

Well, best get some good sleep to be prepared for tomorrow! Night!

What’s your favorite thing (track/elliptical/bike?) to do at the gym?


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