One of those days..

Ugh. Today was just one of those days that you can’t help but regret. I feel like I’ve been munching all day long. No not on veggies or fruit…but on these super addicting vegan pumpkin molasses cookies.


No I didn’t eat the 5 pictured. I ate 6. Not all at once at least, but throughout the whole day. A few times it was out of real hunger (couldn’t get lunch together fast enough), but most of the time it was pure craving. =/ Just one of those days where you feel like every habit you’ve worked so hard to change, comes back in full force.

I’m trying not to dwell on it. I’m trying to put it out there for all to see so I can remind myself that I’m past this.

Alright so on to the “real” food.


Had a terrible wake up call of crying babies (kittens) and being punched over and over again by their cute (huge!) paws. I finally wasn’t able to ignore them a moment longer and rolled out of bed at 9am to feed them and to feed myself.

Breakfast was a giant bowl of Annie’s Chocolate and Vanilla Bunnies and a tiny bit of Kashi Autumn Harvest. Topped with the last of my strawberries and blackberries, 1/2 banana, chia seeds, and a hearty serving of skim milk.

Refreshing and filling.

Due to the large amount of rest days I took this week, I wasn’t going to let Saturday off the hook! After digesting for awhile, I did 30 min stationary bike/20 min 30 Day Shred. It felt so good to get it in and out of my way for the rest of the day. Plus I love not having to shower twice.

Chase rarely gets Saturday’s off so when he does we try to spend time together and get errands done! There was a haircut, grocery shopping, and D&D dice browsing plus one of those errands was stopping at Ace Hardware so Chase could find the things he needed to fix Lily’s new filter.


Around here Ace is known for it’s free freshly popped popcorn. I munched on about 1/2 this bag before it started to make me sick.


Once home around 2pm, I was soo ready for lunch. I couldn’t even cook! Luckily I had this super old frozen meal in the freezer. Amy’s Cheese Tamale Verde was pretty decent and flavorful. I added sirracha to my steamed green beans to add some kick and devoured this meal. Also had a half dead peach. Seriously, had to cut out a lot of it >.< Sometimes buying fruit in Costco quantities is overwhelming!

After a Rush Hour marathon (yes we now own all three!) and a slight nap later, it was cooking time. I made one flop out of Clean Eating Magazine (Lemon Chive Sauce is disgusting..) and another batch of Asparagus and Potato Salad!


For dinner I had some of the salad with a Quorn Naked Chick’n Cutlet and some cherry tomatoes. Plus a tiny pour of red wine, you know, for my heart. ~.^ It was delicious and everything went really well together. I even had a second small helping of the potato salad! Seriously, just make this recipe and you’ll understand.


After dinner, Chase (and Vinni!) surprised me with wanting to play a board game. Having not played Life in forever, we decided to give it a go!


Let’s just say I lost big time, and somehow stupidly adopted twins!


For dessert I had a butchered Granny Smith apple with a tbsp of White Chocolate Wonderful. I need to get cracking on these apples before they all go bad! Soo many brown spots!

Hopefully I can take what happened today and learn from it and never let it happen again! Well I’m going to get in some Harry Potter reading! Have a good night!

What’s your favorite board game?


3 thoughts on “One of those days..

  1. Is it just me or do cats always seem to find the box?! They just love sitting in them. I LOVE IT. Haha. Oh and my favourite board game is Apples to Apples. So fun. 😀

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