For 4th of July…

I had a pretty terrible day. =/ It stared off with me waking up pretty late, and my allergies raging. I laid in bed I felt so terrible and finished watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie I’d started last night. Couldn’t even climb out of bed for breakfast.


Once the credits were rolling, I made it to the kitchen and downed this beauty. 3/4 cup Annie’s Chocolate and Vanilla Bunnies <3, 1/4 cup Annie’s Fruity Bunnies, chia seeds, blackberries, and strawberries basking in skim milk.

It felt so good on my itchy and dry throat I decided to finish the bottom of my milk bowl with the rest of the Annie’s Fruity bunnies.


I won’t be buying that flavor again! Way too sweet and fruity.

For the next several hours I fell back asleep in bed due to being super drowsy. My body (with allergies) didn’t want me to do anything but sleep. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to read more Harry Potter.

Eventually I woke up around 2pm and decided the workout wasn’t going to happen (again) today thanks to allergies. The steroid shot I got on Friday should be kicking in any day now, so if I need a rest day I need to listen to my body and take it.

I managed to shower and head out the door to go try and get a little work done.


At Starbucks I finished off my chemistry homework and studied for my quiz tomorrow. My appetite just wasn’t there so for lunch I had a mushy peach (they do not travel well!) and a tall nonfat iced latte with caramel drizzle. I think I need to find a new go-to drink! Paying 60 cents for a little caramel just seems outrageous!

Once finished, I got a few errands done, went home, and prepared for our D&D party tonight. Chase and I somehow decided on Chinese food (yes I know, screams 4th of July no?) so we picked it up before arrival at the party house.


By then I was starving and quickly devoured this bowl of white rice (about 1/2 cup) and a heaping cup of sizzling tofu and vegetables. It was exactly what my stomach wanted. For the next 4 hours I drank water and a few sips of Mountain Dew (from Chase) until we decided to break into the only festive thing of the night, my July 4th cupcakes.


Yum. Everyone loved them and I left the rest with the boys.

I did have a fun time playing Dungeons and Dragons, but overall I’d say it was a pretty fail July 4th. =/ I wish I just had a high enough will save (hehe D&D reference) to just will the allergies not to effect me, but we all know that’s not how it works.

Hopefully tomorrow these ‘roids will kick in and I will be fine! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

Do you have any seasonal allergies? If so, what do you do to combat them?


2 thoughts on “For 4th of July…

  1. I guess I would call them year round allergies but they are worse in Spring and Fall. In order not to sneeze constantly I have to take a Zyrtec EVERY morning and a Singulair every night. Not the idea arrangement but it allows me to survive and not become a giant snot ball. This has been my routine for over 5 years now and I am only troubled with symptoms about two weeks a year. It did take me a lot of trial and error to find the combination that worked for me (I tried shots too) so best of luck to you.

    • Thanks Sarah! I’ve tried various different pills and they either don’t relieve the symptoms, make me super jittery, or just sleep all the time. =/

      I think my steroid shot has just kicked in though so I should be good for this season!

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