“4th of July” BBQ


Woke up today with not much of an appetite and raging allergies. My throat was so sore and dry some cold yogurt sounded like the perfect thing. Sadly I only had 1/2 cup left of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, so I topped it liberally with banana, blackberries, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, and the rest of my Treasure Trove Trail Mix. I’m so proud of myself for not eating it all yesterday!

I have extremely terrible seasonal allergies. I have been getting allergy shots every week for 3 years to try and tame my allergens but it turns out it isn’t having the effect it should. I received a steroid shot on Friday to hopefully get me through this season, and then then are going to re-test me to see if I developed new allergens.

Due to them being beyond bearable today, I took it easy and laid in bed and read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I hadn’t taken a rest day for this week, so today it was.


I wasn’t very hungry for lunch today either, but since I knew I had a BBQ tonight where I would be eating foods I wouldn’t normally, I wanted to get in some solid greens. So I had a big spinach salad with roasted broccoli, feta, golden raisins, pepitas and apple cider vinaigrette. To make it more filling I also ate the last of my Freschetta Pizza.

I reheated it this time in the oven using the broiler and it really helped get it’s crunch back. Not as good as when it was first baked of course, but good enough.


A few hours later I had a real yearning for something sweet. I decided to go with a small slice of Breakfast Blast and a smear of White Chocolate Wonderful. ❤


Eventually it was time to prepare the food for the BBQ! I made Oh She Glows amazing Asparagus and Potato Salad using fingerling potatoes. It was easy and smelled wonderful!!


For dessert I brought Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes from Love & Olive Oil with cool whip, blueberries, and strawberries to top them! I really wanted to have them all made up ahead of time, but the cool whip really doesn’t hold up. =( I ended up having to eat one quickly as it fell apart. I decided I’d just make it a do-it-yourself thing!

Finally Chase got home from work and it was party time!!


On arrival I helped myself to a half glass of iced down plum wine! I decided against a red since that felt too heavy for the evening.


I could have had a margarita, but I really don’t like tequila and the wine just hit the spot; refreshing and cool.


I munched on quiet a few chips with artichoke dip. It was so cheesy and I was hungry, but normally I avoid artichoke dip due to the high amount of fat.


Someone brought two adorable baby bunnies to the party! I fell in love. I seriously want one but then I remind myself that I have a baby to take care of! She would totally just sit on it.  ((Note to self: seriously get your hair styled. This grown out cut is not working!)


My friend Jeff tried to fit it in his polo pocket! I somehow captured this great shot of the bunny not wanting to fit.


When it was dinner time all they had were hamburgers and hotdogs. I knew this would be the case but didn’t bring my own “burger” because I really felt like eating salads. I had a serving of my own asparagus and potato and a serving of a spinach and strawberry one. They were both divine!


I had another half glass of plum wine as well. ~.^


After eating we decided it was pool time! I got my man in the pool (which we realized was our first time ever being in a pool together!) And I managed to take a photo of him smiling!!! ❤


An hour or so later we broke into the desserts! I made up a plate for Chase and I to share. My vanilla cupcake, a super rich brownie, and a slice of funfetti cake! I liked the funfettti cake best because I never have that! ^^


I also had a bite of this mini rhubarb and blueberry muffin, but it didn’t rock my socks so I tossed the rest.


After hours of chatting and having fun, it was big projection time! Karlie and her boyfriend, Joe, had made a giant screen to hang from their deck and rented a projector! Star Wars Episode IV was the movie for the night (which Chase and I had just watched two days ago! >.<) We stayed for a bit to see the projection in all it’s glory and munched on a little popcorn, but then with my terrible allergies and Chase needing to go to work in the morning, excused ourselves and said goodnight.


Once home I finished off my asparagus and potato salad which everyone raved about at the party! It’s some seriously good eats. I love that there’s no mayonnaise in it. I advice everyone to make this!

What are you making/did you make for the 4th?


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