I woke up at my regular wake up time, 7am, without an alarm clock today! Instead of trying to fight it, I got out of bed and went about getting ready for today. My mood was really melancholy because last night my dad informed that he was going to put our old dog, Spot, down this morning. He’s about 15 years old and has been going downhill for awhile.

Well, when he went out to feed the dogs their breakfast Spot seemed to be doing a lot better this morning. He decided that as long as he was feeling good he wouldn’t do it. So we averted that crisis for now. =)

Blog 5 007

If you could, please pray for Spot to either improve or go quickly and without pain. ❤

Anyways, for breakfast I toasted a nice slice of Breakfast Blast, covered it in almond butter, flax, and banana and washed it down with a nice cold glass of skim milk.

Hiawatha Trip 002

I love how much this breakfast satisfies me, yet doesn’t make me feel like I may pop like oatmeal sometimes does.

I had some of my most hardcore trigger food today! Yes I’m talking about..

Hiawatha Trip 005

Treasure Trove Trail Mix! I snacked on it a few times throughout the day but this time I ate with purpose because…

Hiawatha Trip 006

We biked the Hiawatha trail! This trail runs between the Montana and Idah border and is simply lovely. About 20 miles all together!

Hiawatha Trip 010

My dad was particularly excited to be outside with Chase and I. He’s used to us being pretty indoor people while he’s a fisher/hunter/hiker crazy outdoors type!

Hiawatha Trip 069

We grabbed our passes for the day and hit the trail!

Hiawatha Trip 012

This 9.9 mile trail has 8 railroad tunnels on it! The first one, the St. Paul, is the longest clocking in at 8771 ft. of pure darkness! It’s kind of scary but luckily we had good lights. We did witness a woman fall and dislocate her shoulder though. =/

Hiawatha Trip 075

My dad’s favorite part of the tunnel is the divide between Idaho and Montana. He’s been wanting a picture of it and him for years. ^_^ He’s such a cutie.

Hiawatha Trip 016

This tunnel was freezing cold, about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so I was very happy to see sunlight at the end.

Hiawatha Trip 018

Chase and I. I don’t know why he never looks happy in our photographs together!

Hiawatha Trip 025

The day was goregous and perfect for being outside. It was a very easy ride, not hardcore at all, but I was just happy to have my man outside and exercising! He’s such a couch potato.

Hiawatha Trip 035

There were adorable chipmunks everywhere! I love chipmunks! I almost named Spot “Alvin” when we got him but my dad didn’t want to shout “ALVVVINNNNN” from the porch.

Hiawatha Trip 060

See that little line crossing the mountain in the back? That’s a trestle and we crossed 7 of them in total!

Hiawatha Trip 041

Hiawatha Trip 051

I don’t like crossing them since I am totally afraid of heights!

Hiawatha Trip 057

I did my best though! >.<

Hiawatha Trip 043

Around 6 miles down we stopped and had lunch. I’d packed a Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh sandwich on a Thoma’s Everything Bagel Thin with Sargento Reduced Fat Swiss, spinach, and a small spread of garlic scape pesto. Also devoured a bag of Sea Salt and Vinegar Popchips! It totally hit the spot.

((Speaking of Popchips, Danica of Danica’s Daily is hosting a Popchips Giveaway! Go enter for your chance to win a free case!))

Hiawatha Trip 052

And then finally after 9.9 miles, we turned around and went the 9.9 miles back up! It wasn’t too hard since it’s only a 2% incline on the up, but it really took it out of Chase and my dad. I ended up leaving them while I powered up the mountain.

Hiawatha Trip 064

I waited for them before ever tunnel though since my light wasn’t that great and the dark tunnels are scary! So I had lots of waiting time.

Hiawatha Trip 068

Check out this terrible tan line I’ve been trying to fix! In my swim suit it looks like I’m wearing thigh highs! >.<

Hiawatha Trip 067

Hiawatha Trip 071

5 hours in total on the bikes, 20 miles covered. It was such a gorgeous outing I’m so glad we did it. =)

Hiawatha Trip 076

On the hour and half drive back to Missoula I ate my daily apple!

Upon arrival at home we jumped in the shower to wash off all the various sprays used today and the sweat and then we all piled back in the car to go to….

Hiawatha Trip 077

Red Robin! I don’t come here often because I have to be really really hungry for it. Well today I was!

Hiawatha Trip 078

I came with no game plan (they have very nice interactive nutritional information on their site though), and just ordered what sounded good! I ended up with the Pub Burger but swapped out the beef for a Vegan Boca Burger and the bun for a lettuce wrap.

Hiawatha Trip 079

While we waited for food I downed this Freckled Lemonade. ❤ Lemonade just sounded soo very wonderful.

Hiawatha Trip 080

Then the food arrived and we ate! This burger was only so so. I was glad the wet lettuce wrap washed off most of the “ranch dressing” and was a little disappointed with the ale-braised onions and mushrooms not being outstanding. Plus the lettuce wrap completely failed so I ended up eating it with a fork and knife.

Hiawatha Trip 081

Devoured! Somehow I tucked it all away (including fries!)! Yes very impressive I know. =P I’m very glad I don’t dine here often. ~.^

Well now we are all just taking it easy watching TV while I bake the dessert I’m bringing for the BBQ tomorrow and the D&D night after. More details tomorrow once I have some finished products!

Hope you all have a great night!


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