Blood Donation Day!

I love to donate blood. Not only does it potential save three lives, but it also gives me the okay to eat a little heartier that day! ^^ I always look forward to my post-donation sweet treat.

In order to make one’s donation go smoothly and quickly however, one has to be prepared! I start by swearing off coffee and alcohol and taking in lots of water the day before .

This morning started off with a balanced breakfast.


Gorgeous slice of Breakfast Blast, toasted and topped with almond butter, flax, and a banana plus a nice glass of ice cold skim milk. ❤ I loved it but must say that the amazingness that is Breakfast Blast on it’s own was a little overpowered by the nut butter and banana. But those are a must for staying power!


During lab I snacked on 1/2 of this ThinkThin Lemon Cream Pie bar. If I wasn’t so hungry I wouldn’t have managed the 1/2. This thing tasted awful! I will not be purchasing more. I still have the other 1/2 in my workout bag though for when I’m desperate.

Workout consisted of 45 minutes of Lap Swimming! I am definitely becoming a stronger swimmer but I feel like my stroke ability is limited. All I know is the breaststroke and the backstroke! I need to google and find more strokes!

My blood donation today was hosted by my favorite grocery store The Good Food Store! Since I would be there to donate I decided to treat myself to lunch as well. ^^ Problem is I really wasn’t sure what I wanted. I ended up getting a huge hunk of Spinach, Feta and Kalmata Olive quiche and a salad made of spring mix, peppers, cherry tomatoes, peas, shredded beets, cucumbers, and drizzled with a little of GFS Planet Dressing. I also splurged on a Tazo Tea Brambleberry.


Sadly the quiche wasn’t very tasty so I only ate 2/3 of it. I would have stopped after a bite but I knew I needed more substance before donating blood.


And then it was donation time! It went super fast and easy! Probably the fastest I’ve ever done. Once I was in the donation chair I was done in probably under 10 minutes!

I used to be a terrible donor. It would take me over an hour to squeeze out the blood and I would faint afterwards. But once I got in shape and started eating healthier (and drinking more water), it has been smooth sailing ever since!.

After donation, I was expecting to be present with an awesome wholesome vegan cookie from the Good Food Store (since they were hosting it..) but all they had was their cheapest and worst trail mix, some fig newton’s and some grapes. –_- I’m sure you can guess what I picked..


What a disappointment! I’m sorry I know a cookie isn’t that healthy but if there is ever a time to give someone a cookie it’s after donating blood! Bleh. I thought about heading back into the store and buying my treat, but I  was so disappointed I just drove home.


Once I got home though my body told me I needed something more substantial. So small slice of Breakfast Blast to the rescue! I spread a little bit of White Chocolate Wonderful on it and man was it wonderful! Better than a cookie. =P

Plus it kept me from not snacking!! <<< — progress!


I didn’t eat again (even though I was at home studying!) until dinner! Dinner was three slices of last night’s pizza, a huge helping of balsamic roasted green beans and a little cup of Asian slaw. Sadly this pizza completely sucks reheated. =( It was the soggiest thinnest piece of wet cardboard!

Unsatisfied and not having really fulfilled my Blood Donation Day fix, I asked Chase if he’d go to DQ with me!


I got a small cherry dipped cone (as suggested to me last time as I cried about my fail Dilly bar) and oh my! It was perfect! I was able to lick on this forever yet still get the cherry taste I love. This is my new go to DQ treat. ^ _^


For a small study snack I finished off my bag of Pirate’s Booty. ^_^ I’m pretty sure I’m done for the night now but if my body needs something later I will for sure give it to it. Blood donation takes a lot out of you!



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