Japan Internship – A Year Later- Part VIII – Tokyo

My favorite place I got to visit, was by far, Tokyo! And no, it wasn’t because Kayla and I got to have a week away from Julia..but we were pretty psyched about that!

Japan 2010 003

And no it also wasn’t because we’d be back in a land where there where Starbucks on every corner..though we did visit them daily.

Japan 2010 005

All the Hello Kitty shops (which I magically had a dead on brain-GPS for), were extremely nice and took my money gladly, but that still isn’t why.

Japan 2010 026

It’s because the people of Tokyo are so accepting of foreigners. There, we met the nicest and most helpful Japanese of our whole trip. They genuinely wanted to help you if you needed information.

Also the city itself is very foreigner friendly. All the trains and subways announce stops in Japanese and English. I think if we’d started out here we would have been able to get used to speaking Japanese a lot easier instead of being thrown into the middle of no where.

It was such a relief to be our own boss again. For the whole summer we waited around for directions or for people to say what we were allowed to do. In Tokyo, we did what we wanted. If that included whole shopping days, so be it! (We ended up having to bug new luggage so we could get it all back to the States!)

Japan 2010 040

We didn’t just shop though. We also wanted to see the sites that Toyko is known for. This is Hachiko the dog at Shibuya station. His story is that Hachiko greeted his master everyday after work at the station. After his master died, he continued to wait for his arrival day after day. Sad story!

Japan 2010 048

We also went to the famous, Tokyo Tower! It’s really just a cellphone tower, but it’s the 2nd tallest structure in Tokyo and was built in resemblance to the Eiffel tower so people come from all over to see it.

Japan 2010 001

Our lovely hostel, was right outside of Ueno station so we decided a trip to the Ueno Zoo must be in order.

Japan 2010 027

It was a remarkable place with a ton of different animals but, in the end, it was kind of a glum outing.

Japan 2010 048

The animals are crammed in small cages and it was extremely hot out. You couldn’t help but feel a little bad for the beasts.

Japan 2010 021

Still, I now have a favorite animal! Red Panada’s are freaking adorable. They remind me of Vincent. ❤

Japan 2010 019

Because we could do what we wanted, we also decided to go to Tokyo DisneySea for a day. (We decided to wear our adorable jinbei. Mine’s Hello Kitty ^_^)

Japan 2010 021

Our goal was just to enjoy ourselves and ignore everything else. If we want to be adorable, we could be!

Japan 2010 030

DisneySea was something else! What kept us in awe were all the different “settings” they had throughout the park. One moment we’d be in Venice…

Japan 2010 032

And the next, Arabia.

Japan 2010 095

Then, South America!

Japan 2010 093

And even New York City! I wished my sister was there! (She lives in NYC..)

Japan 2010 048

Hell, we even showed up in Maryland!

Japan 2010 102

It was a great feeling to feel like we weren’t “trapped” in Japan anymore. We were experiencing the whole world!

Japan 2010 055

We even got adventurous and ordered food. (We’d been living out of convenience stores since we’re afraid of restaurant ordering and accidently getting served meat.) This was a potato and salmon pizza that was actually pretty tasty! I’m okay with eating fish sometimes.

Japan 2010 046

We’d also been craving popcorn for three months and at Tokyo DisneySea, popcorn is a big treat! In all the different “settings” there was a different popcorn flavor! Of course, we didn’t notice this until we’d already bought one to share (which was luckily, regular popcorn), but it would have been cool to try some of the others.

Japan 2010 115

We didn’t ride any rides or see any shows since we weren’t quick enough to figure out the ticketing system, but it was still a great day of adventure, fun and just being tourists.

I would love to someday go back to Tokyo and maybe even the more tourist areas of the country. I feel like even with all the things I got to experience, there was still a large part I missed!

Plus, let’s face it, I need more Hello Kitty!

Japan 2010 030

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10 thoughts on “Japan Internship – A Year Later- Part VIII – Tokyo

  1. That was just cruel, showing me the world’s cutest Hello Kitty outfit and giving me no way to get one. I am staring at the picture of you holding the globe and pretending it is me so I can at least imagine I am half as cute as you are and own those clothes. Seriously, I am dying…

    On another note, reading you and Danica took me down a bad path yesterday. I read about all of these butters that people eat and I wanted to try one. I dislike peanut butter and I remembered Danica saying something about Biscoff so what did I end up with… essentially graham cracker butter!!! I had no idea there was such a thing as cookie butter but there is. I am sure this has no redeeming qualities but it tastes great with oatmeal, apples or just off of a spoon. Once this stuff is gone it must NEVER cross my threshold again. So, rather than accept my own bad decision, I blame you 🙂

    • Haha Sarah your comment really made me laugh! I really wish the US would get better Hello Kitty things! I’m hanging out in California for a week this summer and I intend to hit up every Sanrio store I can find to see how they compare. Of course I’ll be sharing my finds here. ~.^

      You know when I first lost weight I completely cut myself off from nut butters. I decided they were too high in fat and calories to be worth it. Once I was maintaining my weight loss though I realized that nut butters were actually very good for you and doable in moderation!

      My trick to not over doing it is allowing myself 1-2 tbsp a day that way I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and I also know I’m only eating one serving size in total. If you measure this out with a food scale (16g per table spoon) this is actually quiet a lot! Also never ever just stick a spoon in and eat out of it! It’s asking for trouble! Always eat it with something filling like fruit, oatmeal or bread. =) You can keep this amazingness in your life you just have to moderate it!

      Ps. I’ve never tried the Biscoff spread for the same reason I don’t buy graham crackers! There are some foods that I just can’t restrain myself around and perhaps this spread is one for you!

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