Chemistry-Free Night <3

Today was lovely! I woke up ready for the day (10 minutes early thanks to little miss Ophelia). It’s been pretty hot lately but I still managed to finish the last serving of Crockpot Steel-cut strawberry! Well, the last unfrozen serving since I froze half! That recipe makes a ton!


Added some cherries (so close to being through them), raisins and almond butter. It was delicious, filling and oh so satisfying.

Then I was off to my exam! I don’t think studying more would have helped me do better. Some of the things on there we were never taught. =/ I am praying for a B at least.

After the test Steph and I did 45 minutes Lap Swimming! It was a bit rough, I could not get in the zone. We’re doing the same thing tomorrow though so hopefully it’ll go better.

I headed to Hastings to meet Chase for lunch. I was going to sit on the patio and read there today but we are having crazy strange weather and it went from hot and sunny to completely pouring in minutes!

I sat inside and ate my daily apple while reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (finished it tonight!) and waiting for Chase to get his break.


Even though I brought a lunch, I was starving and really craving a good ol’ carby sandwich! So we walked to Subway and indulged. I got a 6” Veggie on wheat bread with: Dijon mustard, 2 slices American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onions and pickles. It seriously hit the spot.


By the time we were done, the weather was amazing again. I headed home to “fix” my terrible tan line I have on my legs (and put on sunscreen!). However, the moment I pulled in the driveway the clouds started to darken and the sun went away. =(

Oh well! That meant I had time to photograph some happiness. In the form of..


A loaf of Breakfast Blast from Great Harvest! My loving father stopped by their bakery early this morning to grab me a loaf since I was unable to purchase one yesterday and they’re only made on Tuesdays! Isn’t he the sweetest thing?


I of course had to sample it as an afternoon snack. ^_^ Drizzled with a little honey. Super yum.

Since sun bathing was out, I climbed into bed to finish Harry Potter and quickly completely conked out. I must have slept for almost 3 hours! Oops. I hate taking naps because they make me feel soo groggy when I wake up but maybe my body seriously needed this one.

When I woke it was time to make dinner! I had had a serious craving for “cardboard box pizza” earlier today, so that’s what we were having!

I was very excited to try this new brand and flavor! I love thin crust pizzas, especially those covered in vegetables! (Which is kind of hard to find in the cardboard box world).


This Freschetta Simply Inspired Thin Crust Pizza: Farmer’s Market Veggie had marinated and roasted portabella mushrooms, roasted red onions, roasted zucchinis, rough cut tomatoes, mozzarella and red sauce.

The verdict: While it came out a lot greasier than I like, it had the crunchiest thin curst I’ve ever had from a frozen pizza! It was delicious! The flavor was good, but none of the vegetables really stood out. I’m not sure if I would buy this one again due to the flavors but I absolutely loved the crust.


Dinner was 1/3 pizza, easy roasted balsamic green beans, and a salad of spinach, feta, pepitas, golden raisins and apple cider vinaigrette.


Yeah I wasn’t satisfied until the 3rd piece. =P It’s all about listening to your tummy right? I think my favorite thing about having pizza is having the leftovers for another day. I always need to remind myself of that however, because I could seriously eat a whole pizza in one sitting!


Dessert tonight guessed it…0% Strawberry Chobani, Kashi Golean Crunch, flax and Peanut Butter Co. White Chocolate Wonderful. I love how creamy the peanut butter makes the yogurt.

I am loving this chemistry-free night and just received two letters in the mail from one of my best friend’s in Austria! I’m off to read them over and over again. ^_^ Gnight



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