Today was such a gorgeous and relaxing Sunday. ❤ I woke up at 9am on the dot and really thought about what I wanted for breakfast. Normally I go to bed knowing what I’m going to eat when I wake, but since I had no time restrictions today, the possibilities were endless.

Of course, I wanted oatmeal. ❤ Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal to be exact.


This bowl was especially delicious due to the maple syrup I mixed in that really gave it that “wow-pie” factor. Topped with craisins and almond butter.

This morning, while beautiful, was somewhat hard on me. Now that it is finally summer here everything is blooming. With that, comes my allergies. They are especially bad in the summer. So my eyes itched, my nose itched, I can’t stop sneezing, my throats scratchy, and my mind is just drowsy. Due to these conditions I decided to give myself a rest day from working out. I allowed myself to shower without getting sweaty.

After however, I decided I need to leave the house and what better way to do that then on my bike! Yesterday showed me that biking was possible if not a little frightening and sweaty. So I jumped on it and took off to the closest Starbucks. ❤ Only a 30 minute bike ride there and back, but it felt good to get my muscles working.


I ordered a tall Coffee Light Frappacino, but they gave me a tall Caramel Light Frappacino. It was still tasty, just not what I was craving. I drank it outside in the sun while working on chemistry and reading a little Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. ❤ It felt lovely.

But man, I got too much sun and now only my left leg is bright red due to the table covering most of my right! >.< I walked offer to Shopko and purchased some spray sunscreen (sweat-proof!) and Benedryl itch cream. I am now prepared for summer!

I arrived back home around 3pm and I knew I should eat something for lunch. I wasn’t really hungry for anything though so I settled on a bowl of Annie’s Fruity Bunnies with banana, cherries, chia seeds, and dried blueberries.

I wanted to toss this. The bowl was just too sweet with the fruit and fruity bunnies. Bleh! I won’t be buying these bunnies again.


My boyfriend, Chase, used to be an avid Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) player, and his buddies are starting up a campaign. They needed a 6th person so I have been roped in to geeking out with them every Monday night! Tonight we met up however for character creation. I think I will enjoy the social aspect of this game (as long as I bring my wine!) so I’m kind of looking forward to getting to know these guys.

Chase and I went over, prepared, with packed dinners.


Yes I just love this meal. Salad of Spinach, roasted golden beets, feta, golden raisins and apple cider vinaigrette. Plus the very last of my “Chicken”, Blackberry, Barley Toss. Perfection.

I was glad I brought it since they hadn’t thought about feeding people tonight. Tomorrow though there will be pizza(!) so I’m going to just bring a salad to have with it. Along with my wine. ~.^

After our characters were created (Yes I’m recreating Xena!), we headed back home where I enjoyed a bowl of heaven aka 0% Strawberry Chobani with a heaping 1/4 cup of Kashi Golean Crunch and flax.


Tonight though it didn’t perfectly satisfy me so I followed it with a 2 pt baggie of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. ^_^


I feel like I’m really making progress of just listening to my body and eating when and what I’m hungry for. =) It feels good to not feel like I overate or ate terribly at the end of the day.

Here’s to an awesome week!


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